The Story

KØnShØuS’s New Single ‘V Lone Ranger’ is a Testament to Finding Strength Through Music

KØnShØuS is an artist born and raised in Rockford, Illinois but currently resides in Dallas, Tx. With constant music and media thrown our way, KØnShØuS points out that it’s actually insane how much music we consume. When put into perspective, KØnShØuS is right. We’re shown so much music daily, weekly, monthly, etc. So to have a piece of music you can connect with is extremely special and makes it all the more exciting when you understand how great the music must be to be able to resonate with people. Having listened to a wide range of genres like Jazz, Classical, R&B, and Hip Hop, it’s clear how the stylistic differences of each of these genres shaped KØnShØuS’s sound. A common story for most musicians, KØnShØuS’s passion for the art of making music stemmed from watching a close friend develop a love and adoration for music. “I used to laugh at his music until I started doing my own. He was the only positive influence in my life. He helped me abstain from a lot of bad things I was doing,” says KØnShØuS. 

KØnShØuS started taking music seriously his freshman year of highschool. Almost 5 years later and he has grown more comfortably into his sound. He used to play the violin in 4th and 5th grade, which is where his love for classical music stemmed from. “I really love what music can do for people and how it brings everyone together outside of the haters and all that stuff. When people actually like the music and you’re in the car and they’re singing your song word for word with all they have in them, that’s such a rewarding feeling!” KØnShØuS has an extreme passion for music, considering he’s been doing it for free this entire time. After work, he makes music, goes to sleep, wakes up, makes music before school, and repeats. There was one time where he even recorded until 7 am because he forgot he had school. That’s what passion does to you. It puts you in a blissful mood where you lose track of time because you’re completely distracted by your craft, wanting to get better at it every single day. 

KØnShØuS has dealt with a lot of trauma in his life. He recalls times where he’s been kicked out, homeless, but still, has never given up on his dream of being a musician. There’s been times where he doubted himself, having tried to quit a few times, but family and friends told him that was a bad idea and he quickly remembered why he started making music in the first place. He also recalls how his friend was murdered by someone he used to be friends with. His newest single is in memory of this incident. ‘V Lone Ranger’ is a 3-minute track that details KØnShØuS’s experiences and emotions running rampant because of what happened to his close friend. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and you will always get 110% of KØnShØuS’s emotions in his music because he makes the effort to do so. His music is relatable on every level.


Working closely with Sanity2fyee, having a co-sign from Ally Lotto, Juice WRLD’s former girlfriend, and already amassing 92,000 streams for his song ‘NØCTURNAL,’ the sky’s the limit for KØnShØuS in 2023.
Stream ‘V Lone Ranger’ out now across all streaming platforms!