Esports athlete? Musician? Custom car?

epoK (Esports), POS Productions (Music), Metal Militia Motor Club (Custom Cars) are always looking to partner with the best esports athletes, Influencers, esports teams, Musicians and everything in between.

It is FREE to apply!

Sponsorship Partner Tier 1

Partner Tier 1 Perks

~ Gain Exposure online for you and your craft
~ Gain multiple sponsors with a single partnership
~ Exclusive event invites
~ 30% off ALL online products and event tickets at epokleague
~ Special access and tournament invites
~ Access to special Team Gear
~ All Members are sent free giveaways randomly
~ Special Shout outs on social media and website monthly posts
~ Personalized assistance for all professional goals


~ Follow epoK, POS Productions and Metal Militia on all social media pages
~ Post, promote and shout out @epoK_League & @epokesports
~ 10% off code that can be offered to anyone to help promote
~ Purchase our $50 Tier 1 Starter Gear box (Includes 2 sponsor T shirts, 2 sponsor decals and more to have gear to rep!)

Please click below to apply for sponsorship. Multiple sponsors may be selected. Once completed the team will decide your fate. If approved you will be sent further details!