General Rules and Tournament breakdown

By entering an epoK tournament/cup, the player/team fully agrees to all of the rules without reserve.

When in doubt about any aspect of the ruling, or if you have any questions related to epoK league regulations , have only your Team CAPTAIN contact an admin before you or your team does anything.

An Admins decisions must be respected and executed without delay.

epoK ADMIN and Management teams reserve the right to make the final call, ruling and interpretation on all decisions.

Quick Rules

All players must be present and check in for the tournament/cup
If you haven’t checked in 30 minutes prior to the start of a cup you will be removed from it.
All players must be present on the server before it will start
Always and only use the English language when you contact LIVE SUPPORT.

Cup Format

Team Size: 5v5
Best of One (BO1)

Map pools

Dust 2


Rainbow Six Siege:
Club house
Kafe dostoyevsky
Theme park

StarCraft 2:
Deathaura LE
Eternal Empire LE
Ever Dream LE
Golden Wall LE
Ice and Chrome LE
Pillars of Gold LE
Submarine LE

Game Settings

Game version
The competition will use the latest available version of Counter Strike Globale Offensive.

Server settings

All matches will be played on CHICAGO servers.

Griefing and Trolling

You are not allowed to intentionally shoot your teammates.
You are not allowed to intentionally kill yourself.

Verbal Abuse

Repeatedly offensive language and verbal abuse. You can report players at the end of the match by messaging admin explaining the issue you had with them.

Leaving and AFK

Leaving and AFK will result in ban from the platform. These bans are accumulated, the more infractions the longer the ban will be.

Griefing and Trolling

You can report players at the end of the match by messaging admin explaining the issue you had with them.


We have strict policy and zero tolerance for cheating of any kind.

Player Names

It cannot contain any racist or any other language which might be considered as insulting.

Team Names

Please fill in your team name accordingly. It cannot contain any racist or any other language which might be considered as insulting. Team captains ignoring this rule can end up with a ban. EpoK general tournament rules and breakdown shall be followed during all events regarding epoK tournaments, discord and all social media.

General rules

All players will follow any instructions given out to a player by any official epoK Admin

Team registration must include all players to provide accurate names, gamertag or player id fake or incorrect information will result in but is not limited to a ban from the tournament

For all tournaments and games played on there rules will be strictly followed with no exception

All in game rules apply to the tournament 

All  Rainbow Six Siege terms of use and conduct. will be strictly followed they can be found at 
Epok reserves the right to suspend, ban or , permanently ban any player suspected of breaching any code of conduct 

In the event of a tie or unforeseen event epoKs admin will be made aware to determine the appreciate action

Reports of cheating must be made within a reasonable amount of time no more than 3 days and include time indicating when cheat happened or a description of event the epoK staff will then investigate and confirm or deny the accusation 

Please help keep epoK a fun place! For new players send them  here to learn the rules!

Game specific rules


~Game settings~
First to 13
Normal competitive match settings 
Must be played on the most recent game version


~Game settings~
Time of day : Day
Hud settings : Pro league
Seerver type dedicated server
Match settings
Number of bans :4
Number of rounds :12
Attacker/Defender role swap :6
Overtime rounds 3
Overtime score difference 2 
Overtime role change 1
Objective rotation parameter 2
Objective type rotation rounds played
Attacker unique spawn on 
Pick phase timer 15
6th pick phase on 
6th phase timer 15
Reveal phase timer 5
Damage handicap 100
Friendly fire 100
Injured 20
Sprint on
Lean on
Death replay off 
Game mode bomb 
Plant duration 7seconds 
Defuse duration 7seconds
Fuse time 45
Diffuser carrier selection on
Preparation phase duration 45
Action phase duration 180
Voice chat team only
All operators that are available in the ranked mode will  be allowed

League of Legends

~Game settings~
5 vs. 5
Single elimination 
3 bans per team
Draft mode will be used for players to pick there champions 
Game length is unlimited 
Players must have unlocked at minimum 15 champions
Games will be played on Summoner’s rift (summer)

Starcraft 2

Official epok Rules 

open to all amature players in NA
Must register at and on

~Game settings~  
Match Format
no build order 
no match history
Player settings 
player settings all players are required to have the following settings turned on/off have notifications disabled Ingame status set to (busy)
Must turn off invitations by turning off (only allow friends to send invites)selection
No external software or scripts to improve or change any aspect of the game
No macros 
Map selection Best of 3
Players take turns removing maps until the number of maps needed remain
Players take turns picking maps from the maps remaining
Maps are played in the order they were picked, the remaining map is played last, if needed
Lobby settings:
Game Duration: Infinite
Game Speed: Faster
Locked Alliances: Yes
Player must play with account that they register with no exceptions
All general StarCraft 2 rules apply

Best of 3 map pick with first to register selecting the first map out 

Player may not switch races during the tournament 

Random race selection is allowed but the player must remain with selection for entirety 

Must adhere to all general tournament rules as well as in game rules set by

Must follow all rules issued Blizzard End User Agreement

Any player violating any of these rules will be subject to removal of the match and/or tournament possible actions may include ban from future events of tournament

Players may be removed to keep play field fair it is at the admin’s discretion

Once the game has started the epok administration staff or referee of the game may stop or restart the game if needed only for extreme circumstances will the game be reset or deemed a draw if both parties do agree to restart a match the admin will have final say

Pause breaks in game are for emergencies only and the game should not be started unless both players have typed in game (ready) failure to do so can result in loss of the match or tournament points 

Players must keep all replays of matches until the tournament is officially
completed (usually safe to keep it for 72 hours)

Game must be the latest version and up to date

epoK LTD reserves the right to make the final call on any situation.

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

epoK LTD. is not responsible for anything. Test it. 🙂